Instructions for working with the Gullah Geechee Wisdom Cards

Gullah Geechee Wisdom Cards provide focus to the understanding and appreciation of Gullah Geechee culture and heritage.  Through an intuitive approach and personal interpretation, you’ll figure out how each card heightens your perception of yourself as well as of Gullah Geechee people.  Fresh insights and perspectives may be gleaned from each reading.

Seven decks of Focus Cards relay layers of cultural connectivity that balance daily life:
1. Respect for Elders  2. Tenacity  3. Creativity  4. Heritage  5. Spirituality  
6. Family & Community  7. Self-Sufficiency

CoverImage2 copySelection of a deck should follow quiet reflection or introspection of thoughts leading to the moment of Seeking Wisdom. Your reflection may be guided by prayer and/or meditation.  A deck may be chosen arbitrarily by touch or by purposeful selection. (“Keep on asking, and you will receive what you ask for. Keep on seeking, and you will find. Keep on knocking, and the door will be opened to you.” – Matthew 7:7 New Living Translation)

Shuffle the cards after a deck has been selected. To attain Wisdom, place the deck on the table, then pick a card in any way that aligns with your intuition. The seven cards in each deck relay to seven Guiding Principles:
1. Understanding (Definition of Theme)  2. Ancient Wisdom (Proverb)
3. Spirit Music (Gullah Song)  4. Reflection (Historical Overview)
5. Testimony (Personal Application of Facilitator in Gullah and English)
6. Visualization (Guided Personal Application)

7. Empowerment (Action Steps)

Three “Cotch de Laarnin” or “Catch the Learning” Wild Cards are available for selection at any time or not at all.  They are designed to encourage:  1.soul-searching 2.imagination 3.innovation

In order to relate to each Guiding Principle and/or Wild Card, read, meditate, and respond to the corresponding information in the Guidebook. You may respond to one or all cards within a deck until you receive the Wisdom that nourishes you.

Your initial gut reaction is most probably correct. You will know when to stop selecting a deck, shuffling the cards, and picking cards or wild cards when you hear an inner or outer voice tell you to stop, when you know intuitively to stop, or when you get a feeling to stop.